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What's your body type?

What's your body type?

The 5 female body types and how to define yours

Unlike what many people think, a person's biotype has nothing to do with being thin or fat. Knowing your body type is important to know yourself and understand how your mass distribution (whether lean or fat) happens through your shoulders, back, abdomen, hips and legs and which clothes will value you.

The 5 types of female body are: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangular and oval.

The hourglass is the female body type more naturally balanced when we talk about body mass distribution because it has the shoulder and hips measurements very close and a marked waist. The woman with the hourglass body is the reference of harmony and balance within a silhouette .

The hourglass body is visually proportional and, therefore, is the point of reference for other female body types and to also find the balance between mass distribution.

hourglass shape  


The second female body type is the triangle. As the shape already says, the triangular woman has her visual weight in the hip region, that is, she is a woman with a lower shoulder measurement than a hip measurement. To bring balance, it is important that pieces with volume are always in the torso region.
So pieces of straight cut, shoulder to shoulder blouses, canoe neckline and wide “V”, as well as vibrant colors, prints and pieces with volume on these sleeves are great for this type of body.

triangle body type  triangle body type

 Pieces with straight cut and shoulder to shouder blouses. (Picture source: Pinterest)


Inverted Triangle
The third shape is the inverted triangular shape. The inverted triangular woman has visual weight on the shoulders, breasts and back. To balance, it is important that the volume is always in the lower part of the body.

In this type of body parts that take the volume to the lower region of the body are better and you can do this using bright/vibrant colors, prints, flared skirts, flare pants, for example.


 inverted triangle body type

Pieces that take the volume to a lower region of the body. (Pictures source: Pinterest)


The rectangular body, like the hourglass, also has the same shoulder and hips measurement, being a visually balanced body. The big difference is that the rectangular type has straight sides, that is, the waist is little or almost not marked. Therefore, the rectangular woman is able to balance the silhouette more if the waist stands out in her looks, whether with a belt or a high skirt, like a-line or flared skirts.


rectangular body type  rectangular body type

Combinations that mark the waist. (Pictures source: Pinterest)

Finally, we have the oval female body type. Unlike what many people think, the oval silhouette is not synonymous with a fat silhouette. On the contrary, there are many skinny women who have an oval body. What characterizes this biotype is the visual weight in the abdomen region. Therefore, to bring the balance of form, it is important to bring attention to the extremities such as shoulders, ankles, feet and wrists. So third pieces, monochromatic clothes, shirts and t-shirts loose out of the pants, dresses, skirts and pants with a straighter trim look great in this type of body.


oval body type oval body type 

Pieces that bring attention to extremities. (Pictures source: Pinterest)


Now that you know what the 5 female body types are, for you to identify which one is yours, ask someone to take a picture of you in gym clothes or bikini and compare your silhouette with the one above. Discovering our body type is part of a step towards loving and valuing us more and more.

And if you are interested in having a complete analysis you can hire the service of an image consultant.




Elen Reis Rego